What Changed My Life


My life took a turn upside down when I was in high-school.

Bullied. Tormented. Tortured by my mind.

It wasn’t just school, it was family too.

They said i’d never make it. Never.

But then I changed things.

I enlisted into the Army National Guard and within months I was trained to shoot M-16’s  and M-4’s. Throw grenades, shoot a grenade launcher, and so much more. I was trained to be the best I could be. Trained to be in the best physical condition. I pushed myself past my limits. Past what they said I could never accomplish. I felt that I succeeded, for once.

I changed.

Looking back on everything, I feel that it was the right step to make. The right path to take.

I met so many people and made so many friends. Some enemies here and there. They can “hate”, that won’t stop me.

I have changed.

Three more years to go, and I still need to change. I was knocked down for a little while, but I am slowly picking myself back up and putting the pieces together.

I still need to change. I still need to push myself.


I need to prove everyone wrong, even myself.