Waking up

When I wake in the morning, I love seeing your beautiful face. Sleeping soundly as I get up and get ready for the day.
I try not to wake you, but I usually do. I say sorry and I love you and head out the door.

On the mornings that you are not there, my morning is off. I find you on the couch or the door to the other room locked with you behind it.

I think to myself, did I do or say something wrong? Or is it you not wanting to wake me in the middle of the night when you come to bed.
I ponder about it all morning at work.


Sometimes I find little notes in my purse and it usually explains why you didn’t come to bed that night. Apologizing for a fight or that you simply could not sleep. Each little note lights up my day.

I love waking up to you.

Love your sweet smile and your soft mumbled “I love you” as I walk out of the room.