The only thing that holds me back is time. If it were non existent I would do anything in this world.
Anyone could do anything. People wouldn’t drive themselves insane.
This world would just be.

It would be simple, you would t have to remember someone’s birthday ( I get birthdays mixed up a lot).
You wouldn’t be late to anything or be early. You would just be. Simple right?
I think so.
But this world is not simple and never will be. Time just keeps going on and on. Clocks ticking into the future, never stopping.

It’s crazy to think that at one “time” or another, TIME didn’t exist. It was never even thought of.
People just lived, were free.

Today and every day from now on, time will just be there, telling us when we are getting closer to our deaths.
Sorry for being so morbid, but it is the truth.

TIME will always be here from now on.



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