My mind is blocked. I am not exactly sure what is going on anymore.
I feel like there is an invisible wall in front of me blocking my way.
I can not move, for i feel paralyzed.
My mind is foggy.

The lights are on, but no one seems to be home. Except for me that is.

I thought that there would be someone here with me. Except there is not.
Exactly how I feel. All of the time.

There is a wall blocking my way out of this padded room. This padded room where I physically should be and not just mentally.

They should lock me up, throw away the key!
What good am I, when there is a wall in front of me?

I’ve been told that I’m worthless. To stop trying. To give up.
I won’t though. It’s not in my nature

So with the wall in front of me, I’ll begin my journey of knocking it down.


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